Ewart Hall

American University Cairo

Tahrir Campus

Featured Speaker: Salima Ikram

Dr. Salima Ikram is a professor of Egyptology at The American University in Cairo, a grantee of the National Geographic Society's Committee for Research and Exploration, a field archaeologist, museum researcher, and an international guest speaker.
Highlights of her professional career include working at the Valley of the Kings, Giza, Saqqara, Abusir, and first co- and now directing the North Kharga Oasis Survey.

Featured Speaker: Roxie Walker

Roxie Walker is the Director of the Institute for Bioarchaeology, at the British Museum, Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, and has worked extensively on human remains from sites in Egypt, Peru, and Russia. She has directed and co-directed bioarchaeology projects in Egypt and Peru and is dedicated to advancing the cause of bioarchaeology worldwide.

Featured Speaker: Richard Redding

Dr. Richard Redding is a Research Scientist at the Kelsey Museum, University of Michigan, and a principal in Ancient Egyptian Research Associates/AERA (www.aeraweb.org). His interests are based in anthropological archaeology with a focus on the origin of food production and the role of human subsistence in the development of cultural complexity. He has worked in the Fayyum Depression, the Eastern Desert, Luxor, the Nile Delta, and Giza.  He was a co-director, in the 1980s, of the excavations at the Old Kingdom site of Kom el-Hisn. Dr. Redding has worked every year since 1997 at the Lost City of the Pyramid Builders.

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